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Patient Stories

Raquel Allen at her birthday party

The Greatest Gift: Woman Donates Part of Her Liver to Co-Worker's Daughter

Catherine Ortiz donated part of her liver to Raquel Allen, the 11-month-old daughter of a co-worker. Baby Raquel's surgery went well, and she celebrated her first birthday at the University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children's Hospital. The University of Chicago Medicine's blog, Science Life, followed Raquel's journey before, during and after transplant in a three-part series that features video interviews with Ortiz, Raquel's parents, and University of Chicago surgeons. Video included.

Alsayegh family

Family Travels More Thank 7,000 Miles for Father-to-Son Liver Transplant

Two-year-old Humaid Alsayegh needed a liver transplant to overcome cholestatic liver disease, a condition that blocked the flow of bile in his liver and stunted his growth. His father, Omran, was a good match for donation, but only after he shed 100 lbs. In a few short months, Omran reached his weight-loss goal and the family traveled to Chicago from the United Arab Emirates for the life-saving procedure.

Alyssa Smith

A Medical First, 20 Years Later

In 1989, Alyssa Smith received a portion of her mother's liver in the world's first successful living-donor liver transplant. Catch up with Alyssa and her mother and donor, Teri Smith, as well as members of the surgical team that performed this groundbreaking procedure. Learn about how plans to perform this life-saving procedure were set in motion, and how the experience changed the Smith family, the University of Chicago Medicine and transplant science.