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Traveling and Transportation

Traveling and Vacation

Eventually, you will want to travel--even if it is only to your doctor's office or to a friend's house. You should pack a travel bag to take with you.

The travel bag (bag, backpack, duffel bag) should include:

  • Suction catheters
  • Gloves
  • Normal saline droppers
  • Tissues
  • Scissors
  • Extra trach tubes (same size and one size smaller)
  • Trach ties/Velcro ties
  • Disposable humidity devices
  • Bulb syringe
  • Portable suction machine
  • Oxygen (if needed)
  • Apnea monitor/oximeter
  • Medicines
  • Ambu bag
  • Diapers/clothes/wet wipes
  • Bottles/food/snacks
  • Toys


Families with tracheostomy patients are eligible for handicapped parking license plates or permits. To obtain the license plates, contact the state office responsible (in Illinois, contact the Secretary of State's Office). You will need a letter from your physician verifying your child's medical condition.

To obtain a permit for parking or information on how to have a handicapped parking place designated near your home, contact your local village, town, or city office. Again, you will need a physician's statement verifying your child's medical condition.