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The University of Chicago Medicine - Comer Children's Hospital

Services Offered

We see more than 4,500 young patients a year and provide a full spectrum of neurological services.

Multidisciplinary Programs

Multidisciplinary programs devoted to specific neurological problems bring the various specialists a child needs together under one roof. Children and their families receive comprehensive, coordinated, and individualized care.

  • The Pediatric Epilepsy Center offers the most advanced treatment options for children with epilepsy, from carefully-selected drug regimens and sophisticated seizure monitoring to comprehensive surgery plans.
  • The Neurogenetics Clinic, which includes experts devoted to neurofibromatosis and tuberous sclerosis, features the expertise of the only pediatric neurogeneticist in the Chicago area. State-of-the-art genetic testing is available for children with genetically caused brain disorders, such as birth defects and mental retardation.

Sophisticated Neuro-Diagnostic Tests

We are leaders in the field of non-invasive diagnostic testing -- offering many tests that are not widely available elsewhere. Our sophisticated 3-D imaging techniques -- pioneered at the University of Chicago -- provide detailed information about the electrical activity inside of the brain. Our doctors can simultaneously view the electrical activity inside a child's brain while also seeing a synchronized video and sound recording of the patient. This helps our epilepsy experts identify the exact source of seizures -- and the best possible treatment.

Advanced Neurosurgical Procedures

Our pediatric neurologists work closely with fully-trained pediatric neurosurgeons to identify patients who may benefit from surgery. The goal of these surgeries is to successfully correct or reduce the effect of hydrocephalus, epilepsy, and other neurological problems without negatively affecting a child's development or brain functions. In many cases, our pediatric neurosurgeons are able to use minimally invasive techniques, which offer shorter recovery times and fewer surgical risks than traditional surgery.

Comprehensive Neuropsychiatry and Neuropsychology Services

Some children and adolescents with neurological conditions also have behavioral or learning problems that may require psychiatric care. Our pediatric neurologists work side-by-side with University of Chicago child psychiatrists and psychologists to address a wide range of problems that affect learning and behavior. Testing is available to assess a child's intellectual functioning, language skills, motor abilities, and other cognitive and behavioral functions. Individual and group therapy, as well as prescription medicines may be recommended.