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The University of Chicago Medicine - Comer Children's Hospital

Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics

You want the best for your child, and you're concerned about his or her development, behavior, or learning. Maybe he or she's crying a lot, having trouble with understanding and using language, seems socially withdrawn, or has a hard time concentrating on schoolwork. While this can be very troubling, the sooner your family seeks help for a suspected problem, the better it will be for your child. Research shows that early intervention can improve the outcomes for children with developmental, behavioral, and learning disorders.

At the University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children's Hospital, we've helped thousands of families understand their child's developmental or behavioral issues. We have experts in developmental and behavioral pediatrics who can assist families and primary care physicians in the diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of complex developmental, behavioral, learning, and genetic disorders. Whatever your child's particular challenges, our team will seek your input in designing an effective management plan--one that can ensure the best possible future for your child.