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The University of Chicago Medicine - Comer Children's Hospital

Teen Advisory Board

The Teen Advisory Board includes nine teens who meet monthly to voice their opinions and make suggestions to make the hospital more "teen-friendly."

These teens have been an integral part of the planning team for the University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children's Hospital. Some of their ideas for the new hospital have included adding a cafe and more group areas for patients to socialize and play. Comer Children's includes all that and more. The young people asked for--and received:

  • More common spaces for families
  • A family kitchen and laundry facilities
  • Bigger bathrooms
  • More windows
  • Personal bulletin boards in each room

The board has been important to all its members, but in different ways. Here are some of the thoughts that the kids have about being members of the board:

"We help kids feel better about the hospital. We are teaching the younger kids the hospital is not scary and no one is trying to hurt them, but to help them."--Willie

"The more we continue to do and change the more we are making the hospital more comfortable for patients."--Jerel

"I love helping the kids have a better stay."--Brittany

» Download the Teen Advisory Board application (PDF)