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The University of Chicago Medicine - Comer Children's Hospital

Why Choose Us for Pediatric Cancer Surgery?

Today, nearly 80 percent of children diagnosed with cancer will become long--term survivors, thanks to advances made by University of Chicago physicians and researchers and other pediatric cancer specialists around the world. Our surgeons are at the forefront in using techniques that offer children the best chance for full recovery, normal growth, and high quality of life after cancer treatment.

Leaders in Minimally Invasive Surgery

When it comes to using minimally invasive surgical techniques, the University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children’s Hospital has some of the world’s most experienced and most innovative surgeons. When appropriate, minimally invasive surgery can mean faster recovery with less discomfort, less impact on body image, and an easier return to normal activities after cancer surgery.

Expert Skill for More Traditional Surgery

Sometimes, minimally invasive is not the best surgical solution for a child’s cancer. By considering many factors, our surgeons have the insights to determine when more traditional surgery would be a better option for a child’s needs. Surgeons here are very skilled in both traditional and minimally invasive surgeries. 

Comprehensive, Collaborative Care

At Comer Children’s, cancer care is truly a team effort that involves different types of pediatric surgeons, other pediatric physicians, nurses, social workers and many others. Children with cancer may benefit from the care of pediatric surgeons who specialize in: general pediatric surgery, orthopaedic surgery, neurosurgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery, otolaryngology (ENT), cardiothoracic surgery, ophthalmology and other subspecialties.

"Ouchless" and Seamless Care

Although we can’t promise that your child will never feel pain or discomfort, we do pledge to do everything we can to make his or her experience at Comer Children’s as pleasant, non-threatening and pain-free as possible. Our hospital offers many of the comforts of home, while also providing the very best medical and surgical treatments available.


With a care team that is devoted specifically to pediatric care, we treat children as children. We don’t expect them to behave like little adults. And, we’re sensitive to issues like physical growth, emotional development, self-esteem, body image, as well as children’s need to focus on fun instead of illness.


When a child is ill, the whole family is affected. The pediatric cancer team at Comer Children’s addresses and even anticipates the family’s needs and concerns.

Personalized Care

You and your child won’t get lost in the crowd. Although we treat many children with cancer here, we’re not too big to provide the personalized attention each child craves and deserves. From diagnosis to testing to treatment and long-term follow--up, we’ll build a relationship with your child and your family.

Direct Access to Physicians

As a parent, you won’t have to dig through layers or jump through hoops to reach your child’s physician. We encourage you to call the surgeon or nurse whenever you have a question or need to talk with us.

Ability to Handle Complex and Recurrent Cancers

Our pediatric cancer team can tackle challenging cases that other centers turn away. When conventional treatments are ineffective, we draw from leading--edge and investigational therapies.


With our roots in research and our hearts in healing, we’re able to apply the very newest discoveries and insights directly to patient care. In some cases, that means taking bold steps before others try a new approach. From phase 1 and phase 3 clinical trials of the very newest therapies, to being the first to perform an innovative surgical procedure, our team is on the forefront of breakthroughs that can help children beat cancer.

Approach and Expertise

We’re always reaching for the highest standards and stretching the boundaries on what we can do to help children overcome cancer and grow into healthy adults. As a team focused on healing children with cancer, our goal is two--fold: to treat the disease and eliminate the cancer, and to help the child live as normally as possible during and after treatment. Our treatment recommendations consider these dual goals. For example, we’re among the first to offer innovations such as articular--sparing surgery for bone cancer, which can eliminate the cancer while preserving the child’s ability to walk, run and be active as he or she grows.

We understand that coping with a child’s illness is very stressful for the entire family. Beyond providing excellent medical and surgical care, we ease that stress by anticipating the family’s needs while their child is under our care. Families can be assured that "things will be taken care of," so they can focus on their child.