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The University of Chicago Medicine - Comer Children's Hospital

Our International Adoption Services

Once the decision has been made to proceed with an international adoption, our physicians and nurse practitioners will partner with you and your pediatrician to make sure all of your child's medical and behavioral health needs are addressed.

Pre-Adoption Assessment

During the pre-adoption assessment, a nurse practitioner and pediatrician will evaluate your child's medical information and explain it in terms that you can understand. As your partners, our team will listen to your concerns and discuss medical issues that your child might encounter when traveling from a foreign country.

Our nurse practitioners will also provide all family members with appropriate pre-travel counseling, immunizations and preventive treatment for the designated region of travel. If needed, our specialists will offer e-mail consultations from overseas to provide ongoing support and information during the adoption process. In addition, they can give you the tools needed to make your journey home as comfortable as possible.

Post-Adoption Medical Evaluations

Since the first medical check-up will need to take place soon after arriving home, you can set up an appointment before you go overseas to get your new child. The first appointment will provide a baseline for growth, behavior and development so that your child’s needs are properly assessed.

During the first check-up, medical records are reviewed and diagnoses are confirmed. Infectious disease tests are performed to check for hepatitis B, hepatitis C, syphilis, HIV, tuberculosis, intestinal parasites and other medical conditions, as needed. Our team will then partner with your pediatrician to identify any complex ongoing diseases and/or behavioral or developmental problems. Together, we will create a plan to provide direction with therapies and medical assistance to get your child off to a solid start.

Behavioral and Developmental Evaluation

Evaluating a newly adopted child requires extensive testing to detect possible underlying medical conditions, developmental delays, or behavioral problems. Some children may have a variety of behavioral and developmental problems not commonly seen in the United States. Our doctors and nurse practitioners have special training and knowledge that enables them to evaluate, diagnose and address issues early.