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International Adoption Patient Stories

A Special Place for Kids Adopted from Overseas

In August 2011, Chicagoans Patrick and Erin Rams travelled to Ethiopia to pick up their daughter, a beautiful little girl whose name means "blessing." The first few weeks at home weren't easy. Bereket was four and a half years old and didn't speak any English. Fortunately, the family found medical director Larry Gray, MD, and his team at the Adoption Center at the University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children's Hospital.

Stories in the News

Adoptive Family Targets AIDS Stereotypes

December 2010 

As part of a continuing series "American Spirit," CBS News reports on the Twietmeyers, a family determined to better the lives of children affected by HIV/AIDS. The family works with the medical experts on the Adoption Center team to care for their adopted children. 
Read the full story and watch the video on CBS News

Easing the Transition from Orphanhood 

January 2010 
One of the unfathomably tragic numbers to come from the earthquake in Haiti is the estimate about the number of orphans the disaster created. As many as tens of thousands of children may have been orphaned by the earthquake, according to United Nations estimates, a total that becomes even more shocking when it’s added to the approximately 380,000 orphaned children in the country before the disaster. 
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An HIV Adoption Story

November 2009 
When one couple started exploring adoption, they had no idea that an around-the-world journey would lead them to the love of their life: a tiny girl with HIV. 
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