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The University of Chicago Medicine - Comer Children's Hospital

Patient Accommodations

The University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children's Hospital was designed with children and their families in mind -- especially the patient accommodations.

Your Child's Room

Vibrant colors and spacious private rooms help children feel more at home. Your child's room will be large enough for wheelchairs to move freely. Each room contains a small bookshelf, desk area, and bulletin board. A child and his or her parents can regulate the climate and lighting of the room, and adjust the height of the showers.

The sight of medical and technical equipment in a patient room can scare some children. The equipment is masked by art or is not exposed in Comer Children's. This leaves rooms with an airy and uncluttered look and creates an environment where children feel secure.

Children in the hospital benefit by having a parent or caregiver spend the night with them. Most patient rooms are furnished with a twin sleeper sofa or comfortable reclining chair for parent/caregiver use. If needed, your child’s nurse can give you additional information.


The rooms also have a flat-screen TV/computer equipped with the GetWell Network. Through the network, children can access child-appropriate Web sites, play games, send and receive email, listen to music, and watch movies on demand. If children are unable to leave their rooms, they can still participate in playroom activities that are broadcast live. The network also includes educational material and general hospital information for parents, caregivers, and visitors.


All private, patient rooms have a telephone with a direct number. Calls can be made directly to the patient room by calling the phone number listed on the welcome page of the TV screen in your child's room or by calling the main hospital number (773-702-1000). Anyone using the main number must provide the operator with the patient privacy code. Learn more about calling your child on the telephone.