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Tiny Dancer Stays Safe in a World Full of Peanuts

When a healthy peanut butter and apple snack turned into a frightening dash to the nearest emergency room for then 2-year-old Nylah Washington, her parents couldn't have been more grateful to have one of the nation's leading children's hospitals within a few blocks from their home.

"Nylah's face began to swell and she complained of an itchy throat just minutes after a few small bites of peanut butter," said Nylah's mother Tiffani Washington. "We arrived at the Comer Children's Hospital Emergency Department 10 minutes later. The doctors and nurses calmed our fears, taking all the time we needed to clearly understand what we were dealing with and the actions to take if Nylah ever had another severe allergic reaction."

An appointment the following week with one of Comer's nationally recognized authorities on pediatric allergies confirmed Nylah's need to stay clear of peanuts and dismissed risk from other common culprits.

"We feel incredibly lucky to have access to this type of world-class care in our own backyard," said Washington. "In a world full of peanuts, we can feel confident that we have the knowledge and the right medication on hand to keep our child safe thanks to our experience at Comer Children's Hospital."

February 2015

This story was featured as part of our Comer Children's Hospital 10th Anniversary celebration. Learn more.