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Diagnosing Heart Disease in Children

At the University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children's Hospital, our pediatric heart experts offer the full range of diagnostic services for children who may have a heart problem. This same team also can diagnose congenital heart disease in adults.

Advanced Equipment Improves Patient Care

Our state-of-the-art hospital is equipped with the latest technology for evaluating heart disease. From ultrafast CT equipment that produces the highest-quality images, to sophisticated intravascular tools that give a detailed view inside blood vessels, we're truly at the forefront of medicine.

These new technologies greatly improve care while minimizing risks to the patient. For example, our new flat-panel fluoroscopy (X-ray) machines can be moved in ways that older models cannot -- enabling our physicians to get better images of the heart and blood vessels while reducing radiation exposure. Innovative diagnostic tools like these are not available at most hospitals.

Services Offered

There are several types of tests and equipment used to evaluate heart problems. Many of the tests are painless and can be done during a typical outpatient visit. Sometimes, our physicians will need to use invasive testing methods to gather more detailed information about your child's heart.

In addition to offering blood tests, X-rays, and other routine diagnostic methods, our physicians excel at performing more specialized diagnostic tests. These tests include:

Diagnostic Catheterization
Electrophysiological Testing

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