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Patient Stories

Our pediatric general surgeons treat hundreds of children every year. Read more about surgical techniques they have used to save children's lives.

Complex Surgery Gives Baby a Chance at Life


A routine ultrasound during a prenatal check-up revealed a large bulky mass on the neck of Shenella Parker's unborn child. Parker was referred to the University of Chicago Maternal-Fetal Center where a multidisciplinary team of obstetricians, pediatric surgeons and others performed a complex surgery to remove the tumor and ensure that the baby could breathe. Some parts of the intricate procedure were performed while the baby was partly in utero -- still receiving blood and oxygen through her mother's umbilical cord.


Intestinal Malrotation is Often Misdiagnosed
Two-month-old Jaylen seemed to vomit after every feeding. An ultrasound test showed that the boy had intestinal malrotation, a condition where the bowels do not form and twist properly, which can cut off blood flow to the intestine and can lead to intestinal blockages. A minimally invasive procedure corrected the problem, and Jaylen was able to go home quickly.

Elizabeth Woodock

On the Mend from Biliary Atresia
Soon after Elizabeth Woodcock was born, a test showed abnormally high bilirubin levels in her blood. Concerned by the high levels of bilirubin and Elizabeth's low weight, Ruba Azzam, MD, performed a biopsy of Elizabeth's liver. When results suggested biliary atresia, a chronic and progressive liver disease, Azzam referred Elizabeth to Andrea Lo, MD, for surgery. Thanks to swift action and a comprehensive care plan, Elizabeth is now doing well and may never need a liver transplant.

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