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Airway Problems

Doctor checking girl's throat

Airway problems can range from uncomplicated stridor (high-pitched, noisy breathing) to life-threatening airway obstructions. At the University of Chicago, our otolaryngologists use advanced equipment and techniques to precisely diagnose and treat these conditions.

If surgery is required, our surgeons use endoscopic techniques, when appropriate, to minimize pain and reduce scarring. When necessary, our helicopter transports children to the University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children's Hospital for acute care in our intensive care unit, where our pediatric otolaryngologists work closely with our expert pediatric critical care team to identify problems and resolve them.

Complex Surgery Gives Baby a Chance at Life


A routine ultrasound discovered a large neck mass on Daziyah Clark while she was still in her mother's womb. Doctors could not determine if the baby's airway was affected or if it would function properly. University of Chicago experts in pediatric otolaryngology, pediatric general surgery and obstetrics performed a delicate, multistep operation to ensure that the child could breathe and to remove the tumor. Some parts of the complex procedure were done while the baby was still receiving blood and oxygen through her mother's umbilical cord. » Read Daziyah's story

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